Media, Science & the Brain

Let's Talk! Hope EhrmanHow We May Be Led to Know What Isn’t So

Many people are catching on to that. The purpose of this website is to bring to the level of common understanding what media scholars and others from various fields have been demonstrating behaviorally for years—that reality and media message are constructed by the brain. In other words what this is about is media meets modern neuroscience.

Most so called media literacy sites attempt to suggest that media messages are purposely constructed to influence the recipients’ thinking and hint that this has some tinge of evil intent. This website will refute that view with the notion that ALL messages must be ABOUT something, and as each of us attempts to express ourselves we may consciously but also unconsciously construct a message that in fact uses a frame—that is, selects certain aspects of reality and obscures or eliminates others. That process is inherent in narrative. We further will seek to illustrate how frames tend to drive public policy—particularly as media adopts a dominant frame as sometimes does and other times does not occur.

We will look into subjects as varied as media culture, the empirical research on media effects,media culture,and values plus what modern neuroscience is telling us about how the brain constructs information that comes in through the senses to develop a narrative picture in politics, medicine, law, and other fields.

Eventually we will apply this perspective to how conventional public perceptions have come to be shaped about such topics as political Islam and others.

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